Traditional postpartum care

Traditional postpartum support in various parts of the world has similar ways to care for a new mother and to celebrate her as she heals.

Rest. In china, immediately following birth the mother is advised not to focus her energy too much. mental activity uses up a lot of qi or vital energy which needs to be conserved.

Massage. In Vietnam a special massage coordinates the mother’s breathing with the gentle movement of the massage therapists strokes down towards her uterus with the intention to help return energy.

Warming. In Sri Lanka warming treatments last a month and include a massage with muslin cotton balls containing hot, steamed herbs and which are pressed over her hips and back.

Slow cooked foods. Ethiopian women talk about ‘strong food’ and consume a hot porridge called genfo, whilst the Chinese only eat warm-natured food to support digestion, blood circulation, and strengthen qi.

Collagen rich foods. Worldwide, from the amazon to China to Scotland to many other countries and cultures, broths are the favourite offering as they are nutrient rich and easy to absorb, providing the body with plenty of gelatin to heal.