The benefits of broth with unique, restorative botanicals

Made for Mothers

The Benefits of MFM Broth

Every jar of Made for Mothers handcrafted broth is full to the brim with “the right stuff” that your body needs to replenish and rebuild. And MFM’s thoughtfully inspired, signature broths are the basis of everything on the menu. The decadent broth wobble is a sign that it's high in gelatine and essential nutrients which heal your gut, stimulate digestion, enhance immunity and give your skin it's youthful glow. Also included are unique botanicals to impart traditional healing wisdom and an abundance of phytonutrient benefits. Put simply, your Made for Mothers broth is liquid gold!

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Postpartum Packages

Made for Mothers introduces Postpartum Packages this month. Carefully curated to support new mothers in the crucial repair stage, six weeks following birth.

There is a focus on collagen rich foods, complex carbohydrates and healthy sources of fat. Broth cubes are included to deliver a powerful serve of restorative benefit to your daily elixir.

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We enhance Made for Mothers handcrafted broths with nature's finest botanicals. These are medicinal plant foods which impart traditional healing wisdom with their intense nutrient profile and abundance of phytonutrient benefits. They act as antioxidants in the body, helping us fight disease and maintain our youth inside and out. From the common parsley to the exotic gotu kola, the power in our plant offering is wide and diverse. It’s this diversity that I believe in and hope to share with you through our food.

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MFM Ingredients

We want you to know that when you buy a jar of Made for Mothers, it is made with the healthiest possible ingredients and with no hidden fillers, thickeners or any nasties, like synthetic farming by-products. It’s made to fill you up with an abundance of wellness, and increase your digestive capacity, without compromise to the ingredient list or to the flavour.

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MFM Supply Chain

We believe our health is intrinsically linked to the health of our food chain. That’s why Made for Mothers suppliers are chosen based on their farming practice and respect for the quality of our soil. By choosing to work with suppliers who align with our values, we can deliver you a product that is genuine in its nutrient content and sustainable for the planet. Everything we take for the earth comes at a cost. But the size of the cost is totally up to us.

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