The health benefits of Blue Mackerel

Our Talalla Fish Curry is made using wild caught blue mackerel, a small oily fish which has tremendous benefits to your health and is a sustainable species of fish to consume. Here are a few of the nutrients it provides in abundance.

Omega 3 fatty acids. Essential to our health and only provided by our diet, we need omega 3 fatty acids to build healthy cell membranes, to support the structure of our brain and nerves, to balance our inflammatory response and blood clotting and for healthy reproduction.

Selenium. An important factor in the production of many antioxidants, it supports immune function, is vital in thyroid hormone production and has a key role in fertility.

B12. Vital in red blood cell production and in supporting a healthy nervous system, it also plays an important role in DNA synthesis and protects DNA from damage.

Postpartum. Being a small fish, blue mackerel is very low in mercury which is an important consideration, especially for infants, children and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Sustainability. Not only is blue mackerel under-fished, the fishing methods used are respectful to other vulnerable species in the ocean and do not bottom trawl or damage the ocean floor.