Botanicals and galactagogues

Made for Mothers handcrafted broths and broth cubes are enhanced with nature's finest botanicals, medicinal plant foods that have an intense nutrient profile.

Some of the botanicals we use are known as galactagogues, they are time-honoured postpartum remedies for supporting a lactating mother and ensuring she has a strong milk flow of good quality. From a more modern, scientific perspective (versus traditional belief) they are being more recently studied and appreciated as having effects on the hormones involved in lactation as well as the nervous system. 

We use these galactagogues in our Calming Chai Broth Cubes, created to support a breastfeeding mother. 

Oat straw. Used since antiquity, this botanical is harvested from the green oats and is appreciated for it's ability to nourish the nerves and reduce anxiety. It has a wonderful nutrient profile, is increasingly studied for cardiovascular benefit.

Nettle. Traditionally used for a variety of ailments, the nutritive benefits of this stinging plant comes from the wide range of vitamins, minerals & phytonutrients it contains. It is a celebrated blood builder and can be very beneficial postpartum.