The phases of motherhood

I often feel breaking situations - times - phases into simple mantras can be an easier way to see through the (sometimes) fog. And so I jotted a few things down. In reflection of the choices I made along my motherhood journey, which ultimately empowered and helped me to get through the tougher times. And in hope that these thoughts help other women and mothers navigating a certain phase.

From the perspective of a mother, nutritionist and lover of creating a healthy life. These are the phases of motherhood and the ways to focus your energy in order to embrace, empower, restore and to flourish.

Preconception. Embrace. time to weed out any unhealthy habits replacing them with strength. Embrace the challenges by offering yourself patience, forgiveness and kindness.

Pregnancy. Empower. Fuel yourself with the highest quality foods, exercise and knowledge. surround yourself with supportive people who align with your values. keep you inner mantra positive and powerful.

Postpartum. Restore. Another phase of motherhood, to be kind, patient and gentle with yourself. make sure you are celebrated and that you prioritise rest, warmth, comfort and nutrient dense foods. take your time. postpartum has many phases in itself. its as long as you need.

Motherhood. Flourish. Create a healthy home with soulful rhythms and commitment to your values. take time for yourself to honour your role as a mother. the highs and lows, and endless nurturing of motherhood is something to be so proud of.