Signature broths and botanicals

Created with your whole body in mind, our Signature Broths are on a whole new level of gut health and wellness.
As well as their gelatinous benefit, each of our broths contain some potent and restorative botanical ingredients.

Arame, micronutrient rich sea veg
Nettle, nutritive blood purifier
Parsley, supports the liver and detoxification
Bay, improves digestion
Astragalus, immune support
Cinnamon, regulates blood sugar levels
Star Anise, warming digestive aid
Garlic, potent anti microbial
Ginger, calms the digestive system
Turmeric, a major anti-inflammatory
Black Pepper, increases stomach acid secretion
Gotu kola, reduces anxiety and stimulates collagen
Burdock, stimulates liver’s detox pathways
Shiitake, immune support and anti fungal
We hope you come and ‘live full bloom’ with our rainbow offering.