Nourishing during labour

Eating and drinking the right foods in the early stages of labour can play a vital role in maintaining your energy levels and keeping you supported.

Here are some recommendations from our offering.

1. During the early stages of labour have a small, warm and easily digestible meal like our Kitchari, Noodle Soup, Cleanse Soup or Very Green Soup to provide you with energy for the labour ahead.

2. Active labour may play out in various ways, but you will likely need an energy boost, electrolytes and hydration. Sip on broth, like our Simple Broth, Botanical Broth, or pre-make and warm an elixir using our Elixir Broth Cubes.

We’ve nurtured many mummas through labour with our broths, soups and elixirs. The easily absorbable and hydrating effects of broth are especially beneficial and will give you the energy you need to push through. 

Wishing all the beautiful mummas out their an empowered and supported birth.