Broth postpartum

Traditionally the first offering a new mother would receive, a rich and satisfying broth provides the body with plenty of collagen and a synergy of essential nutrients to allow you to replenish and rebuild.

As well as being a great source of easily digestible protein, there are particular amino acids in abundance in a well-made bowl of broth which supply your body with the building blocks of highly valued collagen, allowing you to heal tissue damage and rebuild postpartum.

Pregnancy and childbirth are among the most intense events the human body can go through. Studies are putting these experiences in the same category as those of extreme athletes when it comes to endurance. To recover and heal from the demands of childbirth, you need rest, and collagen. Collagen can help to heal wounds, rebuild the tissue of the uterus, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, and revitalize stretched out skin. Drinking quality bone broth every day postpartum infuses the body with the collagen it needs to heal faster.

Nutrient needs are higher postpartum than they are during pregnancy, especially for mothers who breastfeed. In addition to supporting tissue healing, bone broth can help replete the loss of bone density from pregnancy, replenish nutrients lost during the birthing process and offer continued joint support.  
Whats more, the vital amino acids within bone broth will stimulate the fire within your digestive system and get the whole digestive process back on track after the impact of pregnancy and labour.
It’s no wonder broth is the priority food to feed new mums in almost all traditional cultures.


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