Regenerative Agriculture

Two of MFMs main suppliers are Ethical Farmers and Hillview Farms. Because they have transparency, integrity and love and care for the earth that MFM is also committed to. Their farming methods focus on the soil and the precious community of organisms within it.
Some very well spoken words, describing the regenerative farming practice by @hillviewfarmsaus
“What’s all the hype from food retailers about regenerative farming?

Regenerative/sustainable farming is a system of principles and practices that aims to rehabilitate and improve the entire ecosystem of the farm by focusing on soil health, water management, natural fertilizer use like cow manure, natural pest control methods and more.

It is a method of farming that improves the resources it uses, rather than destroying or depleting them.

All the practices used in regenerative farming are practices that have been used for thousands of years but have unnecessarily been pushed to the side by a large part of the agricultural sector over the past 100 or so years due to misinformation and the greed to maximize short term financial gains.

Some of the practices used in regenerative farming are conservation tillage, diversity, rotation and cover crops.”