Broth and Collagen

The glue that holds your body together, collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and is needed just about everywhere. Bone broth with its rich dissolves of collagen is a fabulous way to ensure you get enough of this protein.

Sipping on your mfm broth, with it’s abundant and various dissolves of collagen rich cartilage, skin, ligaments and bone marrow, provides your body with an abundance of easily absorbed gelatine. We use a wide range of bones from pastured hens and simmer them in a high ratio to water. We simmer low and slow for 18 to 24 hours which delivers a very gelatinous broth packed with the amino acids and proteoglycans needed for collagen production and connective tissue growth.

Collagen has vital roles in the body which includes its ability to strengthen your ligaments and tendons, your internal organs and provide cushion for your joints. It builds a barrier to prevent absorption of unwanted substances entering the body and helps skin retain its firmness and elasticity.

Ageing, facing health issues (chronic and acute) and increased demands on the body such as pregnancy and early motherhood make the requirements for collagen much greater than what can ordinarily be maintained. For this reason, supporting your body with a regular consumption of broth will help you reek benefits for the many years to come.


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