Broth and digestion

Traditionally appreciated for its ability to increase digestion, nutrient assimilation and maintain necessary stomach acid secretions, a well made bowl of broth lays the foundation to great health.

Without adequate digestion, we can’t metabolise and absorb the nutrients we need.

Leaning on our wise ancient ways, Traditional Chinese Medicine believes digestion to be the foundation of ‘acquired strength’ because the benefits we get from food (and supplements for that matter) are only as good as the strength of our digestion. Similarly practitioners of Ayurvedic Medicine believe you aren’t what you eat but rather what you digest and assimilate. Much of their belief and understanding of health is founded around Agni, our digestive fire which dwells in every cell.

A well made bowl of delicious, wobbly, gelatinous broth will do wonders to your digestive fire and lay the foundation to great health. 

Many components in broth contribute to it's digestive power. But it's worth mentioning the glycosaminoglycans in broth, namely glucosamine and chondroitin. They provide the body what it needs to produce healing mucus that is vital throughout the digestive tract. This mucus is necessary for optimal digestion as well as soothing inflammation within the GI tract. It can help soothe excess acid in the stomach, lubricate the passage of food in the small intestines, nourish good bacteria and block bad bacteria. 

Glycine and gelatine are also vital in aiding digestion by enhancing gastric secretions. It is well researched that protein is instrumental in gastric secretion, but not all amino acids are as beneficial as each other. Glycine is appreciated as a stand out amino acid and it is easily attained in a well made broth.



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