Yin and Yang postpartum

Yin and Yang. Two opposing but interdependent forces which exist in dynamic balance with one another. Yin associated with winter and cooling, yang with summer and transformation. Giving way to each other in nature as the seasons change.
As women go through childbirth, we use much of our yang energy to get through the transformative birth process. Leaving us cold and the balance of yin and yang unstable. Supporting a mother as she regains this balance, feeding her warm foods and keeping her warm and cared for is an important part of the Chinese medical tradition. 

A beautiful underlying theory in Chinese medicine is the belief that humans are connected to the natural world and the universe around us. And good health is described as the ability to adapt to a changing environment. As such, it is the belief of Chinese medicine that the balance of yin and yang is essential to being healthy and the preventative care of nurturing new mothers is a priority of traditional practice. 


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