Broth and Gut Health

In every pot of a well made bone broth is an abundance of “essential” sugars and amino acids which build collagen in your body.

Together the essential sugars and collagen repair the hugely important defence barrier in your gastro-intestinal tract. They are the “glue” we call connective tissue which is needed to build a barrier in our gastrointestinal tract and prevent the absorption and spread of pathogenic substances, environmental toxins, microorganisms, and hard to digest dietary proteins.

Prebiotics, probiotics and collagen-rich foods like bone broth all support a healthy gut microbiome. Collagen, as mentioned, is a major component of the cells that line the gut, and it helps to repair any damage to the gut lining that may have occurred from a diet of highly processed, antibiotic use or chronic stress. A sealed gut lining is essential for optimal nutrient absorption, for fighting inflammation and for boosting the immune system. 


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