How to replace lost blood and nutrients

During birth and in the weeks postpartum you will experience some blood loss. Firstly during labour and then in what is referred to lochia, the cleansing of the uterus and bleeding following birth. Along with the blood loss is a huge loss of vital nutrients making replenishment with nutrient dense foods a priority of postpartum care.

Food focus. The foods that are most supportive of building blood due to their warming nature and high nutrient value are:

  • beef, chicken and eggs
  • seafood
  • cooked greens and dark leafy greens
  • soaked legumes
  • activated nuts and seeds
  • broths, soups and stews


Iron rich foods.

  • red meat, offal
  • dark poultry meat and liver
  • clams, oysters and mussels
  • soybeans, tofu and tempeh
  • legumes: lentils, quinoa, kidney beans, chickpeas and black eyed peas
  • swiss chard and spinach cooked
  • beet greens cooked
  • cashews and sunflower seeds
  • dried figs and dried apricots


Folate rich foods.

  • brewers yeast
  • legumes: black eyed peas, soy beans, kidney beans, mung beans lima beans, navy beans, garbanzo beans and lentils
  • beef liver
  • walnuts
  • spinach
  • kale
  • asparagus


B12 rich foods.

  • red meat
  • offal
  • chicken
  • chicken liver
  • clams, oysters and mussels
  • fish
  • eggs
  • cheese
  • fermented foods