Quinoa & Rice Anellini


Olive Green's gluten free, organic pasta is made in Bolivia from a simple blend of tasty Andean grains and rice grown in next-door Argentina. It is made at a certified fair trade, ethical processing facility that employs a high percentage of women, supports new mothers in the workplace and runs a program to employ people with disabilities. This penne gives you the same satisfaction as traditional pasta, providing an authentic “al dente” texture to be enjoyed and loved by the whole family. Made with a higher proportion of Andean grain and free of starches, it packs a serious nutritional punch and delivers delicious flavour. Wholesome, versatile and a convenient choice which pairs perfectly with our mfm range of broth based sauces as well as a wonderful way to get kids eating our signature broths and vegetable-rich-chicken soup. One packet is 250g.


Organic rice, organic royal quinoa, water.

Gluten free, dairy free



Serving Suggestions

Add the pasta to abundant boiling water. Cook for 13 minutes, stirring occasionally. Drain and serve promptly. 

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