Immune Chicken Foundation Broth Cubes

450ml, 15 Cubes


Convenient cube size portions of Made for Mothers Immune Chicken broth to add to anything & everything on your stove. This broth has Asian inspired flavours and a synergy of ingredients that gives you an immune boost like no other.

MFM's Foundation Broth Cubes are high in gelatine & essential nutrients which heal your gut, stimulate digestion, enhance your immunity and give your skin its youthful glow! We've also included unique botanicals to impart traditional healing wisdom and an abundance of phytonutrient benefit.

Made for Mothers signature broths are handcrafted in small batches with careful consideration given to the sourcing of everything in the pot. We use 100% pastured chicken, which have been humanely raised by small-scale, regenerative farmers & organic produce from small local farms.


Water, pastured chicken bones, lemon, onion, celery, carrot, garlic, ginger, sea salt, turmeric, black pepper, arame

Gluten & dairy free



Serving Suggestions

Add your Foundation Immune Chicken Broth Cubes to sauces, gravies, curries, rice, stews, roasts - basically anything you've got going on in the kitchen to enhance the flavour and nutrient profile. You can also dissolve a couple on their own to have a quick broth hit whilst keeping the rest frozen for future use.

For Tuesday delivery please place order before 11.59pm on Sunday.

For Thursday delivery please place order before 11.59pm on Tuesday.

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