Buckwheat Soba Noodles


These buckwheat noodles have history steeped in traditional Japan. Soba is truly a health food that is highly nutritious and delicious in taste. 100% soba is made from buckwheat flour only, no wheat flour or salt is added. At MFM we love ours cooked 'al dente' and added into our signature broths. They are fabulous as a simple nutritious meal and add vegetable and some cooked protein for a more substantial affair. One packet is 200g.


100% Organic buckwheat flour

Gluten free, dairy free



Serving Suggestions

Use 3 litres of water per 200g bag of noodles. Boil water. Reduce heat to medium and add noodles to the pot. Cook for 6 minutes, stirring occasionally. Turn off heat, add lid and rest for 2 minutes. Drain and rinse with cold water until water runs clear. This will ensure the noodles are firm and don't fall apart.  

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