Noodle Soup


Made for Mothers Noodle Soup is a wholesome, comforting meal with a delicate ginger flavour. Consciously created without onions or garlic, and with a short brew time, making this dish perfect for those who have a sensitive metabolism.

Handcrafted in small batches, we give careful consideration to the sourcing of everything in the MFM pot. We use organic produce and 100% pastured chicken which have been humanely raised by local, regenerative farmers. 


Water, pastured chicken, rice noodles, lemon, corn, celery, carrot, asian greens, unrefined sea salt, ginger, arame. 

Gluten & dairy free


Ginger, arame

Serving Suggestions

Warm your Noodle Soup by bringing it to a simmer, stirring regularly, then take it off the heat, cool and consume. I like to consume my Noodle Soup as is. I also recommend a hint of chilli for spice lovers.

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