Basic Postpartum Package

This package will provide you plenty of nourishment for 3 days

In the next step, please choose 2 litres of broth, 2 litres of meals or curries and 1 packet of elixir broth cubes

Made for Mothers Postpartum Packages have been designed for new mothers as the replenish and restore. 

They will support a new mother in the crucial repair stage, six weeks following birth. The foods provided will give your body what it needs to rebuild, whilst considering the desire to nurture in the initial weeks postpartum. 

Further to this crucial repair stage, our offering will support the ongoing journey of bringing a new baby into the world. Juggling life with sleep deprivation, feeding demands and finding your new rhythm in life as a mother. 


Carefully curated by Made for Mothers founder, nutritionist and mother – Jessica Smouha, there is a focus on collagen rich foods, complex carbohydrates and healthy sources of fat.

The Postpartum Package is customisable with the à la carte options provided. These options take-into-account four main requirements of the postnatal diet.

  1. Replace lost blood and nutrients
  2. Repair damaged tissue
  3. Support breastfeeding and sleep deprivation
  4. Provide warmth for the body

Broth cubes are included as they combine collagen rich protein with unique botanicals to deliver a powerful serve of restorative benefit to your daily elixir. A focus on warm elixirs, rather than smoothies, is considered within this package.

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